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It is one of the important panchakarma procedure. This one of the best treatment is described as “enema” by layman or quacks. But its mode of action & its benefits are far superior than simple enema. It is said to be the essential part of treatment of Vatadosha dominant diseases. Medicated herbal dicoctions, oils, ghritam, milk etc are injected into the large intestine through anal opening with the help of lubricated rubber catheters. These herbal combinations are selected with appropriate nadi parikshan and proper history of the patient. It should be advocated wherever necessary depending on present status of Dosha- Dushya- Dhatu samoorchana I.e. pathophysiology of particular disease. It must be done under the guidence of authentic & experienced Vaidya.

There are various types of Basti which are as follows:-

  • Asthapana Basti:- It is prepared from medicated herbal decoctions.

  • Anuvasana Basti:- It is prapared from mediated oils.

  • Matra Basti:- it is also prepared from medicated oils. It is given in small quantity.

  • Ksheer Basti:- It is prepared from ksheerpaka of essential ayurvedic herbs according to diseases.
  • Mamsrasa Basti:- It is prepared from medicated decoction along with soup of meat. It is used only in selective medical conditions.