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The Best Panchkarma Clinic/Center in Pimple Saudagar

In today’s hectic and stressful life, everyone is facing many problems like chronic diseases, cancer, headaches, diabetes, skin problems, depression or infertility. Such problems are created due to increasing levels of toxin in the human body. If you want to keep your body healthy and clean, it is necessary to remove toxins from the body.

Panchkarma is the best Ayurvedic therapy used for detoxification and the cleaning of the human body. Panchkarma will be very effective if is undertaken at the best Panchkarma clinic.

Shree VishwaSadhna is one of the best Panchkarma clinic in Pimple saudagar . To maintain your healthy lifestyle, our well trained and highly experienced Ayurvedic doctors and therapist providing the best Panchkarma therapy.

What is Panchkarma? What are its different five karmas (therapies)?

As per the name of Panchkarma, it includes five Ayurvedic therapies (karmas) such as Vaman, Virechan, Nashyam, KashayBasti, SnehaBasti which help to purify the body and flushing out the toxins called as detoxification.

  1. Vaman :
  2. Vaman is the process to remove toxins or waste products by vomiting.VamanAyurvedic treatment is treated for theskin & hair problems, female infertility like PCOD, male infertility, diabetes, weight gain and other kapha disorders like asthma or cough.

  3. Virechanam :
  4. Virechanam is one of the best processes of panchkarma in ayurveda. It is a process of purgation where liquefied pitta will be expelled out of the body through the outlet (anal route). In this process, the patient can take oral medication like oils, powders or churna which helps to remove channelized doshas.

    Health Benefits of virechanam:

    • Virechanam is very effective for diseases like indigestion, pimples, rashes, jaundice, chronic fever, acidity, piles etc.
    • Virechanam helps to remove toxins from the body which is called as detoxification.
  5. Nashya :
  6. To get rid of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) diseases, nasyam is the highly recommended therapeutic treatment in panchkarma. This treatment is also extremely beneficial for the skin & hair problems, brain related problems like migraine, depression, headaches.In nashyam treatment, liquid medicines like herbal oils, or juices are introduced through nostrils and distribute into the nervous and venous system. The nerves of eye, ear, throat and the head are connected to nostril.

    Top 5 Benefits of Nashyam:
    • Relives blocked channels
    • Reduced stress and depression
    • Improve skin complexion and texture
    • Strengthen hair quality
    • Boost immunity
  7. KashayBasti :
  8. For the gastric problems, paralysis, and pain, kashaybasti is the effective and beneficial treatment. It helps to remove gases and toxins from the body by introducing medicines through rectum. The process is called as a basti.

  9. SnehaBasti :
  10. In snehabasti treatment, accumulate medicated oils, ghee, powders through the rectum or anal route. It helps to reduce lower backache, gastric problems and it is also beneficial for detoxification.

Our clinic is the best Panchkarma center in Pimple saudagar. Contact us today for getting the effective and beneficial panckarma treatment.